I is for Innovation

Thank you Scott Thornbury. You have reminded me that I need to keep my “Crap Detector” turned on and to stay vigiliant about what tech in education pretends to be and what it is doing.
I am suspicious that way too many managers in the teaching world are more proficient with spreadsheets than they are with teaching concepts.
I use tech in my teaching and am indeed a tech advocate in my school, but I still get great value out of paper cut ups and walk and talk activities. Good teaching for me is using all the resouces at hand to engage and make the learning experience memorable and meaningful for the learner.
I do worry that bad teaching with tech is being sold as good teaching and that bad teachers with tech know how and poorly designed products are taking over education.
I will continue to use tech in my practice but I neeed to be more mindful of why I am using it.

An A-Z of ELT

This is a dress rehearsal of my opening ‘mini-plenary’ for the hugely successful ELT Innovate conference, held this weekend in Barcelona  – on the subject, unsurprisingly – of innovation.

These are the books and articles I refer to:

Postman, N., & Weingartner, C. (1969) Teaching as a subversive activity. Penguin Education.

Selwyn, N. (2011) Education and Technology: Key Issues and Debates, London: Continuum.

Selwyn, N. (2013) Distrusting Educational Technology: Critical Questions for Changing Times. London: Routledge.

Selwyn, N. (2015) ‘Minding our language: Why education and technology is full of bullshit … and what might be done about it’, paper given to the ‘Digital Innovation, creativity and knowledge in education’ conference, Qatar, January 2015.

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